SmokEase KeyChain- Rainbow


SmokEase, a must-have accessory for every smoker!  A Cigarette holder clip.
Functional for cigarettes, blunts, rolled tobacco Weed or cigars.
Made from high-quality stainless steel with a durable  Carabiner Keychain.

  • SmokEase holds your cigarette to avoid smelly, stained fingers.
  • SmokEase enables you to smoke comfortably even in wet areas such as pool, Jacuzzi and at the beach
  • SmokEase enables you to hold your smoke comfortably while wearing gloves, eliminating bad odor and smoke residue on the fabric.
  • Now, in a Keychain version including sustained carabiner clip, SmokEase is accessible at all times.
  • Easy Grip – There is a semi-circular groove that will hold any smoke including cigarettes, joints, rolled tobacco or cannabis, your blunts or even cigars up to a diameter of 0.5 inches.
  • Fits anywhere- Choose between SmokEase Keychain or SmokEase Anthena to fit your personal needs. Both will be handy and useful with every smoke.

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Why SmokEase?

The end for nicotine & bad smell on your Fingers around your loved ones
SmokEase provides the perfect solution for smelly hands and set your mind free from worrying or feeling uncomfortable for smoking.

Available and Accessible at all times
With a sustained carabiner keychain, you can hang SmokEase just everywhere; attached to your car keys, to your handbag, or to your pants’ loops

Having trouble smoking with gloves during the freezing winter?
An end to smelly gloves or even worse, you do not need to smoke with frozen fingers. You can now smoke happily ever after keeping your hands cozy and warm.

Brilliant gift idea
SmokEase is a cool, useful and cheerful gift for every smoker. They will thank you for your thoughtfulness.


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