SmokEase Antenna -Silver


SmokEase, a must-have accessory for every smoker! A high-quality stainless steel Cigarette holder clip. An extendable smoke holder with an elegant, clear personal case. Functional for cigarette, blunts, rolled tobacco Weed or cigars.

  • Smoke inside out, in your car or house/office, by extending SmokEase outside a close by window
  • Easy pass- SmokEase is 4.5 inches long, extends up to 11.4 inches make it easy and fun to pass a toke over to a friend without getting out of your comfort zone.
  • Easy Grip- At the end of the antenna there is a semi-circular groove that will hold a any smoke including cigarettes, joints, rolled tobacco or cannabis, your blunts or even cigars up to a diameter of 0.5 inches
  • Easy Tuck – Rolling? Tuck your weed or tobacco easily with the tip of the SmokEase antenna.
  • Fits anywhere- The SmokEase fit right into your tobacco pouch and with a personal case you can keep your SmokEase also in your pocket, handbag etc. in style for both men and women.
  • The SmokEase is made of a high quality stainless steel, very easy to clean, water and corrosion resistance.
  • Sold with elegant, clear personal case with metal cap, 5.5 inches length

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Why SmokEase?

The end for nicotine & bad smell on your Fingers around your loved ones
SmokEase provides the perfect solution for smelly hands and set your mind free from worrying or feeling uncomfortable for smoking.

SmokEase inside out
Keeping small spaces like your car and your office almost smoke-free areas by extending SmokEase outside a close by window without bending over or using extra effort.

Having trouble smoking with gloves during the freezing winter?
An end to smelly gloves or even worse, you do not need to smoke with frozen fingers. You can now smoke happily ever after keeping your hands cozy and warm.


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