Let’s get to know some Bondi Plus cool, practical functions

Place your smartphones, tablets, and books in Bondi Plus safe hands and hang them just about everywhere for your complete convenience (check for dimensions.)

            In your car – Hang your cell phone using Bondi Plus on your front mirror to get clear and safe view of your phone for navigation and communication.

    In the Gym – Hang your phone just about any fitness equipment to comfortably listen to music, time yourself and more.

    Strolling and jogging – Hang your phone on the stroller for easy access or turn toward your infant to keep them entertained.

    Safe & Secure charge – Hang your cell phone on the charger while charging and keep all wiring close by to prevent accidents.

    On your pants loop – doing construction? Taking a walk? Cleaning the house? Walking the dog? Use Bondi Plus to ensure at least one free hand

    Enjoy the Senses of hearing and Viewing by hanging the phone anywhere you like while listening to music, Skype-ing, reading an article, watching YouTube or TED, FaceTime-ing and . . . you get it

    In the kitchen – Have your recipe videos at your sight comfortably and at your eye level

    Door Stopper

    Curtains Holder – Clinch Bondi Plus around any curtain

    Book Holder & Bookmark

Great Gift for just about everyone at home or in your office.

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Bondi Plus Light Blue


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