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SmokEase is a smoking accessory from high-quality stainless steel that turns all smoking kinds into a more convenient, relaxing, fun and cozy experience in both dry and wet environment and in all weather conditions. Functional for cigarette, blunts, rolled tobacco Weed or cigars.

SmokEase mini- Smoke holder clip with a durable carabiner keychain.
SmokEase antenna- an extendable (up to 11.4″/29cm) smoke holder clip with an elegant, clear personal case.

  • SmokEase holds your cigarette to avoid smelly, stained fingers.
  • SmokEase enables you to smoke comfortably even in wet areas such as pool, Jacuzzi, and at the beach
  • SmokEase enables you to hold your smoke comfortably while wearing gloves, eliminating bad odor.

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