Bondi in car

Bondi Plus is a Charming Adjustable & Flexible, multifunctional Cell Phone Car Holder, of a High-Quality Malleable Silicon, Fits Apple iPhones 6/7/8 Plus & XS/XR, Samsung Galaxy S8/S9/S8+/S9+, Samsung NOTE 8/9, LG Q6 / G7 Google Pixel XL / 2XL / 3XL
and more.

Bondi Plus is an adorable stickman design with a malleable, bendable hook as the head. It has two stretching arms with hands and two jutting legs with upturned feet. Bondi Plus has endless practical uses as a cell phone holder and as a holder for practically almost anything!!! Just use your imagination…

This is the cutest, trendiest & the coolest gadget that can securely grasp just about anything for you. Bend it, stretch it any way you want due to its high quality flexible yet durable silicone make that can be curved into any shape. It will allow you to get endless value from its versatility.

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