about us

About us

My Bondi LTD is a nationwide wholesaler of innovative and unique, high quality accessories. My Bondi LTD invent, manufacture and distribute her items all around the world.

Selling throughout the North and south America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the middle east. We specialize in cutting-edge products, which are developed and manufactured solely by the company to insure their unparalled quality and leading position in the market.
The My Bondi headquarters and warehouse are based in Israel and another office in Miami Florida.
The company’s skillful management team is led by Mr. Lior Avrahami and Stev Dagan, founders as well as a successful business mans with many years of experience in product development and manufacturing for retailers, wholesalers and distributors.
Our best sellers include computer accessories, such as the “Funky boards” designer keyboard stickers. The fun and exciting way to dress up all types of computer keyboards. These new and removable stickers can decorate and jazz up your computer or laptop.
Another innovative and highly successful My Bondi product is the “Glow in the Dark” computer keyboard stickers. High quality fluorescent print reflects any ambient source of light, even the dimmest light such as that of a monitor.
The Company has business-to-business sales teams who market its exclusive and proprietary products to wholesalers and national retailers.

Some of our current clients:
Target.com, Tigerdirect.com, Barnes Nobel, Bed Bath and Beyond, Spencer’s Gift, TJX , Burlington Coat Factory, TD Bank, ACE, IKEA, Phillip Morris, “The container store” and Amazon.

In 2012 we invented the “Bondi”.
The Bondi was a huge success all around the world and a year after, the “Mini Bondi” and the “Bandi” items, joined the Bondi as an extra mobile accessories.

In 2015 “My Bondi LTD” got into the Nano Technology industry and the “DiamondShield” brand got born. With two lavatories in Israel and Germany, My Bondi LTD develop special liquids that protect all kind of different material such as Fabric, Glass, wood and concrete, all liquids meets all requirements of international standard ISO. . For more information about the nano, visit our website www.diamondshield.tech.



Our passion is to invent and create products, launch a product from scratch, accompany a product through all its stages of revolutions including its name, logo, initial models and its packaging and display.

In addition, we also brand and market products in their final stage in showrooms around the world and in retail stores and independent distributors.

Some of our products are not our inventions but we were lucky to add on a twist to their look or to their functions that made them even more creative, attractive and more productive yet, keeping their original characteristics and purpose.

If you have any idea that you keep in your drawer, now is the time to contact us at iBondiltd@gmail.com and discuss it with us. We are thirsty for new ideas and we will happily and professionally cooperate with innovators who think out of the box like us, and give you our tools and experience in developing products and make SALES!